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Restoration Australia

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Restoration Australia

Over two years, International Designer Sibella Court & the ABC follow the trials and tribulations of 7 groups of Australians committed to the daunting task of restoring heritage ruins into living homes. From Georgian mansions to colonial pug and pine huts, these Aussie battlers attempt to restore the buildings to their former glory.

Across the country, thousands of old buildings lie forgotten and neglected, tangled up by red tape and development restrictions, or just slowly mouldering into decay on the landscape. Many of these properties are of outstanding historical interest.

Filmed over two years, RESTORATION AUSTRALIA follows seven of these wonderful buildings from Georgian mansions to colonial pug and pine huts as they are transformed by people committed to the daunting task of restoring heritage ruins. These people, with limited budgets, are dedicated to embracing our countrys past and to restoring not only a house and a piece of Australian history, but a home to be loved and lived in. Through spiralling budgets, confusing bureaucracy, and the stresses and strains of living and working in old structures, none of these projects is an easy ride.

Sibella Court follows the process and showcases these Aussie battlers’ lives as they strive to restore their heritage buildings. Through her eyes we get an insight into the heritage skills required to both restore the houses and retain the heritage features.

You can buy a copy of Restoration Australia from our online store.

Filed 7th Jul, 2016

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