Care Guide

My favourite materials are those that patina with age & a little tough love, and look better with repairs. The ones that get marked, stained, crack, change colour and look better which each story & layer of history and if you listened closely enough you might hear a snippet of a conversation, catch a scent of a time gone-by or a remnant of a whistled sea shanty. Materials that you may have found on an 1800’s seafaring galleon manila or equipment required for collecting botanical specimens: canvas, leather, hardwoods, steel, brass, cork, rope, zinc, glass, ceramic.

Hardware merchants & makers of hardy, humble & useful objects. Embracing the nostalgia of heritage trades and materials. Iron, brass, cane, leather, canvas & timber.




n. Made of highly stable materials which can be used again and again, designed to be retrieved and reused within a continuous cycle.

There is a rich history of trades that craft with resources like metal and age-old approaches of material recovery and resourcefulness. We value these histories and recognise metals as technical nutrients, and it is our goal to better understand how we can responsibly participate in a closed loop cycle - be it from the initial production of using recycled metals right down to how the end user can dispose of the product so they are not sent to landfill but can be recovered & reused. It is a journey we are still on, but we are committed to identifying the steps both we and our customers can take towards responsible manufacturing and consumption.

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