Dual Purpose Hardware

Did you Know about our dual-purpose hardware?

Having versatile pieces as part of your hardware repertoire is great when undergoing renovations, or simply - if you like to change up your interiors often. Repurposing drawer knobs as wall hooks can give these pieces new life when mounted on the wall.  



Perfect for mud rooms, entryways and kitchen storage. Only simple tools are required to flip these pieces into hooks - a power drill and a good eye for placement. Their diverse designs, finishes, and shapes can complement various decor styles. Whether you're looking to hang coats, hats, keys, or even jewellery, drawer knobs provide a practical solution with a hint of character. 
This can also be a great solution if you’re living in a smaller space and are after added vertical storage - embrace having everything you adore on show. To create visual interest - use different sizes and styles. 





The Bower Knob

The Bower knob. Its namesake originates from the native birds surrounding my Blacksmiths forge and is one of my favourite pieces to use when it comes to choosing dual-purpose hardware. Part of the beauty of this piece is that if you’ve decided to change up your drawer front design, you can flip these pieces and dress them up into a sturdy wall hook. The Bower knob in particular makes for a lovely feature piece or can be used as a wall knob to tie off bedside light cords. This is a technique I implemented in one of my projects - Bullo River Station






Drawer knobs as wall hooks are not limited to just entryways or coatrooms; they can find a place in any room of your home. In the kitchen, they can hold dish towels or aprons; in the bedroom, they can organize jewellery or scarves; and in the bathroom, they can keep towels or robes within easy reach. Don’t discount having these knobs attached to the back of doors. Ideal for bath robes or large coats to save space. 




The Marais & Firehouse 


The Marais knob is the perfect versatile piece for any interior. Due to its petite nature, it works particularly well en masse across multiple smaller-sized drawers or drilled into a wall to suspend lighting cords. The Marais is delicate in nature and is recommended for more lightweight objects - I love to use twisted cloth-covered light cords in my interior projects. The Marais makes for a beautiful little jewellery hanger. It is able to be placed on bathroom walls, vanity structures or on the inner side of cabinets. Of course, this little ceramic knob could also be an elegant drawer pull option for petite drawers. The Firehouse is similar in its petite nature, another one of our ceramic pulls that is best used for wrapping lengths of lighting cord or hanging delicate jewellery. 





The Lure 


The Lure, as the name suggests, was inspired by a fisherman’s sinker, the kind you may find tucked away in a tackle box. The size & material make for a durable wall hook that’s able to hold heavier weights such as lights, coats or even art pieces. If you have a few of the Lures on hand, attach them to a plank of timber & create a coat rack - ideal for mudrooms and entryways. 




The Mariners Cleat 


The Mariners Cleat is a wonderful marriage of both my loves of hardware and nautical paraphernalia. A miniature version of a cleat you might find a sailor hitching a length of rope to, this pull will add a touch of the mariner to your drawers. The cleat would be great to have inside of a cupboard for ties or jewellery, however, my favourite way to utilise this piece is for curtains. The Mariners works best horizontally as a drawer pull and vertically as a curtain hook. 





The Banded roll holder 

Not quite within the world of drawer knobs, but the banded toilet roll holder is an excellent choice for a larger wall hook. This style was inspired by the eye-catching bands of the Australian native Blue Banded Bee, although with a brass finish rather than turquoise. A great piece to mix & match with the Firehouse or Marais Knob. The brass band acts as a gentle catch to prevent objects from sliding off the end. 




The next time you're looking to add some practical charm to your space, consider repurposing drawer knobs as wall hooks to create a unique and functional design statement.



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