The Seaworthy Collection

The warm East wind, Le Levant signalled the end of Winter as the writers, artists, witty conversationalists and their muses migrated from Parisian pied-à-terres, ateliers or from the States via ocean liner travel for the summer to the pebbly beaches of Antibes or the golden hills of Saint-Paul-de-Vence and the surrounding villages.

The Fitzgeralds, Cole Porter, Gerald & Sara Murphy and their entourage congregating at La Colombe d’Or. I imagine Zelda arriving in a petite convertible, unwrapping her hair from a silk scarf as she arrives with Jacques Lartigue capturing the moment mid-motion. After a long lunch, the lively frivolities would roll into the balmy night at the Murphy’s Villa America for cocktails & dancing, leaving Scott to pen Tender is the Night.

The colours in the collection conjure up imaginings of afternoons with Picasso at Antibes with some plein air painting, and oysters & baguettes are on the menu. He, of course, is dressed in his uniform of striped top, rope soled espadrilles and cotton print bandana around his neck.

And joy rides along the sun-soaked country roads seeking out small brocantes with the scent of dry hay, neroli, rosemary, rose geranium & mint.

Dreaming up lazy days of bathing under striped fabric beach shades, the rocks absorbing the day’s heat with elevated fold out rattan sun loungers, freshly made straw hats turning golden in the sun. Then as the soft breeze picks up sailing through the crystal-clear shallows of the Mediterranean to Îles de Lérin for exploring and swimming.

Such stories, characters & sensory delights are encapsulated in the textures & patterns teased out by delving into Sibella Court's object library.

Vintage espadrille fabric, woven on the thinnest of looms in subdued stripes waiting to be hand stitched onto rope soles

A collection of woven rattan baskets, bottles and bags begging for a row-boat picnic

A homespun flour sack picked up in a brocante 

The well-loved bistro seat woven by Maison Drucker in a favourite dappled square

Petite repeat patterns of anchors and boats, reminiscent of scarves for taming windswept hair or tied simply around the neck


The beautiful hats that feature in this story are by Lorna Murray

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  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
  • 0429 589 982