A Magical, Woodland Stay at Settle, Norfolk

Nestled down a country road in Shropham, Norfolk UK with sunny wheat on one side and forest on the other lies a magical property that is home to Settle. Owned, imagined and beautifully executed by John & Jo, this romantic stay consists of 2 canvas tents with petite pot belly stoves, a lake cabin and 3 repurposed train carriages set in lush woodlands that feel as though you have stepped into a nostalgic Enid Blyton novel.


I stayed in Carriage One with its curved roof, constructed in salvaged timbers perfectly imperfectly patchworked together, and surrounded by fences made of storm-fallen tree branches.
The rooms are styled so so beautifully with freshly picked wildflowers in ceramic jugs, super soft towels, bathroom products that smell & feel sublime, and enough brushes, plates and cup choices that would need a week of cooking to experience them all. The kitchen & bathroom feature stonewares sinks in traditional shapes with fixings & finishes that feel as though no detail is unconsidered.


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Inspired by the wooden cabin patina, forest paths illuminated by carnival lights and fire pits for open-air cooking, I couldn’t help but imagine a hardware story that would capture the essence of this slow living, Faraway Tree-esque setting.
To introduce a similar ambience in your home, Airbnb or interiors project, work with a base of repurposed timber that can be layered with wall hooks and cabinet pulls in a humble blackened steel like the Bower Wall Knob or Reef Knot Drawer Pull. Classic pull shapes that hark to another time like the cup style Galley Drawer Pull or Major Drawer Pull can continue a traditional feel for top drawers or bedside cupboards.
Materials like leather that beautifully age with use can be woven amongst every-day useful objects, even down to the smallest of details. Keep your keys on the Explorer Keychain, entertain with the Landlubber Bottle Opener or encourage technology-free time with the Barons Backgammon Set.
Shop the woodland cabin look with my curation of The Society inc hardware & home goods below!

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