Styling Your Airbnb | 5 Hacks for Your Side-Hustle

My tips on creating a comfortable, distinctive & characterful  short-stay accommodation space for your guests. Because it's not a hotel, it's a home - even if only for a few nights! Whether it's a grand European palazzo or a shack on the beach, thoughtful details make the space & set the tone for a relaxing stay.


Create a distinctive entry

It might be a cairn created from stones from the local riverbed, a delightfully idiosyncratic knocker on the door, a gorgeous keychain, or a bright splash of paint on the door itself, but having a distinctive entry to your accommodation is a big plus. It's not only going to put your guests in a new frame of mind; from a practical perspective it's  helpful as a landmark

"turn right at the huge spotty gum and look out for the sandstone cottage with the blue door"





Mood lighting


Nothing will dampen your holiday mood faster than harsh, office-style, or fluorescent lighting. Consider placing lamps around the space for gentle ambient lighting, the more casual and mis-matched the better. Provide lighting options. By scattering the lighting fixtures around the space, guests will feel as though they have choice in where they want to have light. This is great for natural light throughout the day & seasonal changes.



Open storage - especially in the kitchen!


Hunting through cupboards and drawers looking for a plate is a pain, so err on the side of shelving rather than all cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. A few brass brackets and some timber shelves and you have beautiful open storage that makes your guests feel instantly at home because they can see exactly where everything they need lives. Add a few Seer Hooks below your shelves, and you're all set for teacups too.




By hook or by crook 


Whether it's in the entryway or the bedroom, hooks can be more practical than a formal wardrobe for hanging clothes when you're on holiday. Coming in covered in sand, or with all your bushwalking gear, it's lovely to be able to throw your goods and chattels over some handy hooks and move on to your next activityor a nap. 





Soft Furnishings


Dress up bed heads & sofas with good quality soft furnishings. Although it’s not a hotel, pieces still need to withstand the test of time. All of our textiles are hospitality standard  with a residential feel, that utilise unique patterns & textures for visual interest. By having unique pieces, your guests will feel as though genuine thought has gone into crafting the interiors and this will create a memorable experience, as well as promote small businesses.





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