The History of the Shield

In the world of Sibella Court, every detail tells a story, and even the humblest objects possess the power to inspire. The shield emblem is a cherished symbol that has come to epitomise The Society inc.


  1. a strong and sturdy piece of metal; 
  2. a symbol of protection and resilience; 
  3. a sign of solidity, strength and tradition
The idea of the shield emblem can be traced back to Sibella's school days. As a student, she attended a school with a strict code of conduct, especially when it came to uniforms. Even the girls’ bowler hats had their own protective covers. The shield harks back to Sibella's school badge, which was a shield representing her house. Its iconic shape was one that lived on in her mind, so when she came to need an emblem years later it was an instinctive choice.
With a newly launched shop in Paddington, and a paint range on the way with Murobond, Sibella found herself in need of a logo. Of course it had to be something meaningful and magical. The quest for a distinctive mark led her to James Merrell, an esteemed English photographer as well as a close friend and creative collaborator. In a stroke of serendipity, James’ talented son Tom had recently embarked on his artistic journey at an art school in London, and it was Tom who designed the final form of the shield emblem.
The emblem quickly took on a prominent role, becoming the embodiment of the shop's identity. Over time, the insignia has become a kind of visual anchor, embodying Sibella's experiences and memories from those formative years. This love for symbolic motifs, especially shields and signet rings, has become an enduring theme that pops up again and again in Sibella's design journey.
Its allure lies not only in its visual appeal but also in the stories and memories it evokes. Like every part of Sibella’s aesthetic, it carries a narrative, a history that intertwines with the present, and is an invitation to explore the remarkable beauty in the seemingly humble and ordinary.
Over time, the shield has become a recognisable mark representing Sibella's aesthetic. Just as every club needs an emblem, the shield emblem has found its place as an iconic symbol of Sibella’s society, reminding us to embrace the stories and symbolism that shape our own lives.

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