South Coast Boathouse

Growing up, there was a boat slip down the end of our street that entertained me, my siblings & the street gang for hours. Holding on to the rope and flying down the well worn timber slip that over time had many boats with the smoothest and shiniest of patinas

Words by Sibella Court
Imagery by William Meppem
Our boatshed was around the bay, through a dense unkept garden. It had red bunks, fishing tackle, prawning nets, big dose of curiosity and an 8 horsepower outboard engine that we popped on the tinny on a daily basis, all you need really. This memory has has kept a well lit fire of nostalgia of living in a boatshed and perhaps spending my days making canvas sails.
With the help of Lotte Hjem owners Harrison & Miranda, we located the perfect empty boatshed at the mouth of Pambula river mouth to set up camp


A laid back kitchen setting where accoutrement is displayed and at-the-ready on open shelving & brackets and a curtain in JACQUES fabric is tacked up to hide storage and unsightly bits n’bobs.
A place where an oyster shucker, bottle opener and or candles can be grabbed and used indoors & out





A foldaway bed is made all the more comfortable layered with swags in SEAWORTHY fabric, HEMINGWAY cushion and a wispy mosquito net simply strung up with rope.
A daytime siesta is made all the better with a gentle seabreeze and a soundscape of the water lapping on the foreshore


A zinc tub, shielded by our handmade LEVANT Privacy screen, sets the laid back attitude and with PORTHOLE mirror and TINSMITH soap dish
ready to scrub up after a day of fishing on the river
Fresh, or salt. Bathe in sun, or in shade


A place where the pace slows down and a main accomplishment of the day is to rope someone into a game of backgammon, indoors in the midday sun or wrap it up
and roll it out on the sand as the sun's heat starts to wane


Pambula river mouth is a magical body of turquoise water where the river meets the sea with purple and quartz rock formations on either side. A huddle of private boathouses sit quietly riverside to complete this idyllic spot. This weathered hardwood shed provided the perfect laid back, sand-on-your-feet setting for us to dress a perfect one-room home that you could reside in &
while away the warmer months.
You may have to time share with me though!

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