Lotte's Hjem

Discover the beautiful coastal stay Lotte's Hjem, where Sibella Court & The Society inc recently visited to create a disturbance with our hardware & homegoods collection whilst on a roadtrip along the Sapphire Coast.

Written by Sibella Court

Garden at Lotte's HjemColo Knife Rack at Lotte's Hjem KitchenPanhandler Shelf Bracket at Lotte's HjemKitchen at Lotte's HjemTrader Drawer Pulls in KitchenColo Knife Rack at Lotte's HjemBibelot Holder at Lotte's HjemDexter Cushion at Lotte's HjemLineage Candlesticks at Lotte's HjemWood Fire at Lotte's HjemRogue Rope Drawer Pull at Lotte's HjemBanks Lantern at Lotte's HjemBackgammon Set at Lotte's HjemPorter Wall Light at Lotte's HjemTailors Brass Pin at Lotte's HjemBanks Lantern at Lotte's HjemPied-a-terre Folding Mirror at Lotte's HjemBedroom at Lotte's HjemCornelius Soap Dispenser at Lotte's HjemMonger Soap Dish at Lotte's HjemLighthouse Rope Mirror at Lotte's HjemDirectors Chairs on the verandah at Lotte's HjemBikes at Lotte's Hjem

Lotte's Hjem

For years a young couple would buy from The Society inc HQ salvaged doors, hardware and furniture items for a house they alluded to way down south. Fast forward a few years and I stumble upon the account Lotte’s Hjem and am instantly charmed.

After I contacted them to ask if I could make a 'disturbance' in their beautiful cottage with The Society inc hardware and homegoods, they said yes and as I chat more with Miranda & Harrison, the puzzle pieces fall into place as I realise it is the above said couple.

A 6-7 hour drive south from Sydney to Pambula to some of the most magnificent coastline on the Eastern Coast, Miranda & Harrison have transformed a charming cottage into a magical hideaway with the most beautiful garden. This house is full of love and enchantment with a layering of found and loved furniture, books and finishes.

I highly recommend that you visit here and the surrounding towns, beaches, bodies of water and eateries. But don't listen to me, just look at the pictures!  It was my most favourite shoot to date!

Directors Chairs at PambulaBeach shack at PambulaDog at the Beach PambulaThe Society inc Cushions at PambulaRockpool at PambulaRow boat at Pambula

Sapphire Coast Roadtrip Notes


Lotte's Hjem, Pambula

Hillcrest Merimbula

Seamist Tathra



Valentina, Merimbula

Honorbread, Bermagui

Switchfoot, Pambula

Dulcie’s Cottage, Merimbula

Longstocking Brewery, Pambula

Banksia, Pambula

Il Passigio, Bermagui

Oysters anywhere

Note: Many restaurant's hours are Thursday – Sunday, check before you arrive!



Pambula River Mouth – lots of trails to explore

Tathra Wharf (café open Thursday -Sunday)

The Blue Pools Bermagui

Green Cape Lighthouse

Look at Alltrails for some tracks/hikes

Nethercote Falls

The Pinnacles  



The lIttle market everyday Saturday at Honorbread

1st Sunday Candelo

2nd Sunday Pambula

3rd Sunday Merimbula

4th Sunday Wyndham

Nethercote Produce Market – every 4th Sunday

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