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    The Society inc studio is full of leather and cane oddities & curiosities with time stamps dating back to hand stitched butt seams used in 14th century boot making to modern artisan studios in Kyoto revitalising leather and canvas goods. Sun tanned cane wrapped objects are a constant source of inspiration. Through Sibella’s wide ranging traversing through flea markets and lands far and wide to bring back the most wonderful objects we have built a knowledge and appreciation for leather goods and the various ways they have been finished throughout time. We make products that are lived in finishes and change over time. They get scuffed and marked, they patina, they hold the history of their lifespan on their surfaces.

    For normal cleaning and removing dust, wipe with a very soft dry cloth. In case of spots, wipe with a soft dry cloth that has been well wrung in boiled, then cooled clean water.

    A water based leather cleaner or very mild, diluted pure white soap flakes of your choosing may be used and followed up with a leather conditioner if desired. Let them dry naturally. If unsure we recommend a spot test first.

    It is often better to leave smaller spots untreated and for time to wear them off & allow the surface to be a living patina.

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Leather Care Guide
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