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The Stylist’s Suitcase: Marrakech

The Stylist’s Suitcase: Marrakech

During my recent wayfaring through Morocco I packed my tried & tested favourites to explore the offerings of the dazzling jewel box which is Marrakech & returned home with a suitcase brimming with the spoils of all that the city had to offer.

Fine raffia woven items, vintage rugs, tasseled & fringed soft furnishings & even my own handmade cement ‘knot’ tile! The city is ripe with the most beautiful colour combinations & showcases of traditional trades. Waxed stucco, tiled & marbled floors & internal gardens provide a romantic backdrop to explore the area & acquire a souvenir or two for your suitcase.

Take a peek inside my suitcase & follow my adventures on Instagram @sibellacourt #thestylistguidetotheglobe or read my stylist’s guide in Belle magazine for more tips & tricks on where to stay, eat, shop & explore.

In my suitcase you will find:

Marrakech Lampshade  Softly lit lampshades & hand woven items made from Raffia all encapsulate the romance of the city. Pair this shade with a vintage base or something found at the flea market. A soft glow in any room makes everyone look like a movie star.

Light Weight Linen Pants & Tunics from Matin You may think that you can pick up kaftans at every corner in the souk but I’m afraid you cannot – be prepared & stock up on your Morocco look before you go. I like to wear loose linen trousers & long white shirts not only to satisfy my romance of the desert but to be respectful to the Arabic culture.

A Panama Hat There are fab straw hats that you can have monogrammed or scripted in the main square of the medina. But if walking through the colourful streets of Marrakech are not in your near foresight this hat can be purchased a little closer to home & perfect for dreaming of holiday romances.

The Poglia Porter Bag Once you’ve acquired your straw hat you’ll need a bag to carry it in as you meander through the magical streets of Marrakech. This gorgeous raw leather hand crafted number will ensure your sun protection is never far astray. It’s also a great sized vessel for getting lost in the medina & soaking up the essence of this magical labyrinth. Look for fine raffia work in shoes & tissue box covers, brass trinkets & tasseled throws to carry home with you!

Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket  Hand loomed by the Berber women in Morocco. Wander down the Ancient Silk Routes straight into your own Caravanserai with this 100% wool, heavy duty, beautiful pom-pom blanket.

Moroccan Beach Throw Black & Mint You become slightly towel obsessed in Morocco. Use this towel as a throw for the plane, or shade against the harsh sun of the dessert or while exploring the marketplace.

Vintage Moroccan Green Rug I picked up this gorgeous Vintage green rug in Marrakech, it holds in its weave the magic of the ancient Souks of Morocco. The colours are like jumping into the seas of the North Atlantic Ocean.




Filed 24th May, 2017
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