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The Stylist’s Guide to Marrakesh | El Fenn

The Stylist’s Guide to Marrakesh | El Fenn

What an explosion of colour that works! This is by no means a traditional riad, although many traditional trades & techniques have been applied to create it; waxed stucco walls, tiled & marbled floor, internal gardens & fountains are all mixed in with a big dose of humour!

Down a tiny side street off one of the entrances into the medina, it is discretely marked with two pot plants and a giant brass door knocker. On entry there are rows of traditional pointy Moroccan slippers with one pair of pink canvas Converse high tops!

At first the layout is somewhat disorientating (similar to the Medina) but you quickly work out the map of El Fenn with its intimate internal courtyards, roof terrace & resident turtles. This is a place where colours know no boundaries in all the good ways, with unexpected art & surprise everywhere. The palatial sized rooms are in an array of colours, we experienced the Rosé & Noir rooms. Both rooms lead off a green tiled verandah and are furnished with a mix of Art Deco pieces, Moroccan crafts, the best of the best rugs that harmoniously tie together these rooms of vision from four poster bed, to lounge, to bar cart to marble bath tub.

The rooftop is all striped kilim cushion seating shaded by traditional berber tents, hanging woven cane pendants with seating areas scattered over the tiered rooftop & its gardenscapes. A constant sense of discovery with considered details of lighting, furniture, planting in every corner.

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Filed 20th Nov, 2017
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