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The Stylist’s Guide to Marrakesh | Beldi Country Club

The Stylist’s Guide to Marrakesh | Beldi Country Club

If you are planning a trip to Morocco, make sure you have a day allocated in the diary to visit the oasis that is Beldi Country Club. It’s more a village than exclusive country club with sprawling grounds of gardens (rose, grass, cactus), pools, setting areas, glasshouses, atriums, tents, conservatories, rug laden paths, more pools & even their own souk!

I recommend a noon arrival to explore (a photo op at every turn) for at least an hour – it is sprawling with hotel areas reserved for guests only – then poolside, beautiful lunch under the olive trees, pooltime, hammam & souk.

Just imagine if this was the place you learnt to swim! It is used by locals & visitors alike and has room for thousands without seeing one another. It’s beautifully executed with a gardener’s eye & dreamscape; olive groves, hundreds of rose types, hay bale walls, ancient doors, all an extremely considered masterplan that is breathtaking at every turn.

The gardens are thick with lanterns & candles, ready for a magical night. A magical place for a wedding or party – whilst wandering the garden I watched the set up of a kilim cover bar with roses aplenty and oversized cushion strewn over the lawn.

The Beldi Country Club also has its very own souk with ateliers scattered around 2 central courtyards heavy with figs & flowers. The delicate tea glasses you see at most restaurants are from here and they are ready for you to buy large quantities down to hand-luggage-ready sets of 6. All the glassblowing is done on site and you can contact the Beldi to time this with your visit.

The embroidery atelier has beautiful work on cotton from tablecloths, napkins, towels, sheets & kids clothes along side a great rug & pottery atelier.

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Filed 13th Nov, 2017
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