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The Stylist’s Guide to Marrakech | Jardin Marjorelle

The Stylist’s Guide to Marrakech | Jardin Marjorelle

Jardin Majorelle, famous for the striking Yves blue (after Klein not Saint Laurent) that artist Jacques Majorelle established & tendered until his death in 1967. It later became the home of Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé until Yves’ death in 2008 when it was opened for public viewing.

This relatively small garden of impressive cacti & tropical plants is all you could wish for with the glimpse of blue ever present through the plants. Another oasis to while away an hour or so with the YSL museum designed by Paris-based architecture firm Studio KO just next door.

Whilst you are there, hop across the road to visit 33 Rue Majorelle, a sophisticated & polished concept store where you can buy clothes for all the family, homewares and stop for a healthy lunch at their cafe Kaowa.

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Filed 28th Feb, 2018
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