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The romance of slow travel

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The romance of slow travel

Although I love the immediacy & ease of modern travel, in my mind I am exploring the world sometime around 1900, give or take some on either side. A time of slow travel: steamships, trunks & the all-important porter. The tags that would link you with your possessions, plus the name of your destination in order to minimise confusion upon your arrival!

When time was not measured by hours, but months & piles of correspondence, outposts & seaports. Here are a few examples of today’s version that can get you in the mood for your gallivanting, whether it be camel caravanning to the ancient oasis city of Samarkand, sailing down the Nile by Felucca, visiting the berbers in a bedouin tent in the Atlas Mountains, treehouse-sitting whilst on safari, horseracing on the Mongolian plains, combing the shores of the Black Sea for amber after a storm, dogsledding to a fur lined igloo in Iceland – ah the endless list of possibilities.

To get the look & feel, check out Steamline’s diplomat series. If you are feeling a more rugged look, get Filson’s canvas & leather bags or go for the classic Globetrotter. I’m loving safari and limited edition, Mohsin Ali. Don’t forget to pack the ultimate campaign camera to record all your adventures, the Leica limited edition Hermes leather M7 series.

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