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India 2021 Tour with Nicole Court

India 2021 Tour with Nicole Court

My sister Nicole is taking the most incredible trip to India focused on Interior and Landscape Design in January 2021. If you have dreamed of going, and weren’t sure how, she and Kinny Sandhu will show the insider’s guide!

Her trip is a luxury exploration of the road less travelled in Calcutta and the North East, home to some of India’s best, and most charming, hotels; markets; bazaars and shopping. The pace of the trip allows for plenty of lingering over tea on the terrace, as well as hands on experiences – sketching and basket weaving sessions, a picnic by a Himalayan stream, and kite flying on a terrace at sunset in Old Calcutta.

Nicole and Kinny will tour with a minimum group of 7, and a maximum of 14 -– small enough to tailor boutique experiences and travel with an interesting group of people.

The itinerary is on


Filed 28th Oct, 2019
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