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Gypsy Creek

Gypsy Creek

Once upon a time in the forest stood a welcoming house that could fly. It floated above the trees and was attached by thick rope made from spider web, along with a Green Gypsy caravan where a young girl who could read your future lived. This is how I imagine Gypsy Creek to be, like the title of a fable or fairytale, but a stay that you can actually experience, created by my friend & interior designer Louella Boîtel-Gill.

Gypsy Creek is housed in a romantic old wooden Queenslander tucked away behind the main street of Bangalow. It has lovingly been ‘Louella-ed’, revived into a beautiful haven surrounded by tress and elevated so you feel like you are floating on some kind of magic flying house. Each room speaks to Louella’s favourite greens and blues layered with beautiful textiles, Society of Wanderers sheets, curated artwork, selected old and vintage furniture, handmade ceramics and all the goodness that makes a house feel like a home all bundled up in love and good times.

A green stable door with The Society inc Hook Door Knocker greets you at the front, a perfect spot to hang out to gossip on the verandah and sit on the stairs. Entering through the door you are greeted with whitewashed floors, Maker & Son armchairs, Moroccan rugs in pinks & yellows, places to lie & read, chat or hang. The Oregon kitchen has been renovated and layered with no other than The Society inc hardware with a giant Fischer Paykel 7 burner stove which I gave a good work out on.There’s 2 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms to choose from, each with a distinct personality all with fun fit outs of zinc tubs, cast sinks, repurposed workers bench vanities and vintage industrial lighting. A covered outdoor verandah links the gypsy caravan to the main house, a meeting spot to spill out to, eat, drink and be merry.

It is so good to be near shops but feels like you are not in town. A morning chai from Sparrow Coffee, dim sum at Red Ginger anytime and lunch at Woods are my favourite haunts. My favourite shop, Island Luxe is close by – just duck down the side of the mechanics shop and conveniently pop out next to it. Belongil Beach is the best of swims and hardly any people around, and Newrybar Merchants is 10mins away where you can purchase all your TSI needs and other locals wares. Be sure to keep an eye out for Saturday and monthly market times.

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Filed 13th Jun, 2019
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