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Sourcing Secrets | Antique General Store

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Sourcing Secrets | Antique General Store

In the last year many of my favourite vintage shops have sadly closed. So that we don't lose them all, I would love to share some of my favourite spots, propping stores and sourcing secrets to celebrate purveyors of lovely old things that can be upcycled, reused and given new life.

One of my favourites in Sydney that I have been visiting, first with my grandfather over 20 years ago, is ANTIQUE GENERAL STORE in Narrabeen. Their rooms are filled with an ever-changing array of unusual and unique finds, many of which over the years have found their way into several of my interiors projects.

If you are looking for an adventure today I encourage you to shop at your local antique store so we don’t lose them all.

Visit Antique General Store | @antiquegeneralstore

Filed 11th Jul, 2018
SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO | 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
02 9516 5643
Monday - Friday 10am-4pm