The Society inc specialises in hospitality interiors, product development, branding & global sourcing. With Sibella’s degree in history, her 25 years of interiors & design industry experience and a library of objects & photographs collected over many global adventures, her spaces & designs draw on both the true & make-believe to create unique interiors and design solutions.

If one or all of the following are what you are you seeking, please email for more information. Please view The Society Inc’s hospitality projects for inspiration and a full scope of our capabilities and design process.



One of Sibella’s strengths after years of dreaming up editorial stories is developing a brief. From the beginning she can help you concept an inspired story to encompass your target market, F&B offering, room prices, guest experience & building philosophy amongst other aspects that are important to your company.

Sibella builds a story for your space, drawing on her 25 years of interiors & design industry experience and extensive travels. The photographs taken over her years of travelling are amassed as a library that she draws on to create visual storyboards & concepts. Not limited to visual storytelling, Sibella’s concepting extends to a greater spectrum of research across articles, podcasts and discussions to scent seeking and soundscapes, adding layers that create a holistic vision & atmosphere.

Drawing on her degree in history, she weaves a story that becomes the foundation for the project, incorporating elements of imagination, storytelling, souveniring and history. This story is distilled into a beautiful look & feel document that becomes a style bible to be referenced & shared throughout the progress of the project.



With 25 years’ experience in the world of interiors Sibella has built a covetable black book of specialty trades, merchants & makers. Upholsterers, dyers, blacksmiths, scenic painters, antique & vintage dealers, artists & sign writers are just a few of the craftspeople engaged by The Society inc to bring Sibella’s interiors to life. With these trades, she creates unexampled spaces that are largely bespoke and tailored specifically for your project.

Extensive & frequent travels locally & around the world sourcing for foundation materials, unique furniture, art, props & lighting means that Sibella has eyes all over the globe searching for just the right pieces for her projects.

It is this attention to detail which brings a sense of nostalgia, storytelling, history, connection & character to a venue. These are the elements which make people book their next stay before the visit has ended!



Alongside her black book of specialty trades Sibella has built a network of professionals who can be assembled to build the best team for your project. Size is no concern. You name it, we have worked with them; heritage architects, irrigation specialists, plant hunters, landscape designers, mixologists, environmental consultants, practitioners, product manufacturers, amongst many others.

From a luxury resort in the Maldives, to speakeasy bars in the depths of the city, to a remote cattle station in the Northern Territory. There are no boundaries to The Society Inc’s scope & imagination. With help from a hand-picked group of skilled professionals & experts we can bring anything to fruition.

Sibella can work as the creative director of your project. She thrives on creating a team specifically tailored to the brief from interviewing & engaging architects to all other specialty consultants for a like-minded team that can collectively ensure the smoothest journey possible.



Sibella has collected objects throughout her 25 year styling career from all over the world: fleamarkets, antique shows, vintage stalls, junk shops, auctions, department stores, beaches, gifts, charity & thrift shops, council pick-ups and all the rest. This irreplaceable object library is used on a daily basis to create The Society inc’s own line of hardware as well as designing and concepting for hospitality interiors. It is a treasure trove that ensures all of Sibella’s designs are steeped in stories of travel, nostalgia & adventure.

Drawing on this object library, we can go beyond bespoke furniture and enhance the guest experience down to the last detail. We can custom make anything you desire from bed linen, cushions, bathroom vessels, soap, beach bags, keepsakes, coat hangers and everything in between that can be put into production for both the rooms and a retail offering.



Sibella has designed, styled and photographed 6 books to date. Sibella also publishes a bi-annual newspaper, The Society inc. She is a bona fide believer in print both in its paper and digital formats to communicate and maximise brand reach.

Our in-house graphic design team can create all your branding requirements and social media strategies. We can produce internal publications including magazines, newspapers & books unique to your brand DNA.

Our experienced production team can create bespoke video & stills content of your finished project, as well as following the design process to engage and invite your clients & guests to connect with your world.

Additional content creation, editorial and promotional opportunities in print and on digital platforms can be developed to maximise exposure of your existing and future spaces.



If you already have a base layer and are looking for those extra details to embellish your space, Sibella can assist with top layer styling to develop character and enrich atmosphere.

From tablescaping down to the perfect napkin to custom hand-forged hardware to murals & installations, Sibella will work with artists, craftsmen & galleries both locally and internationally to create commissioned pieces suited to your project. Be it a blank canvas or diminished interior, she will bring it to life through her top layer styling approach.