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Tradewinds is inspired by an imaginary retired captain who resides in a shiplap house where the forest meets the sea. Who nowadays wanders the shores happily beachcombing & birdwatching and keeping to the rhythm of the sea. He may have a parrot and his house is littered with souvenirs & curiosities from his seafaring adventures to faraway shores.

My collection, although in a variety of materials of encaustic cement and marble, is collectively steeped in nostalgia & the romance of times gone-by of manned lighthouses with keepers, magical sea-creatures, wooden ships with canvas sails, mer castles and exotic spices & riches from foreign lands. 

A range that encourages you to mix and match to suit your wooden seaside house or your French Chateau. A combination of encaustic colours and patterns that conjure up the romance of the seafaring adventures that then traverse to a marble selection that are inspired by my many travels and the notions of faraway lands and magical finds.  Timeless, classic with a hint of humour, and a dose of nostalgia.

ANCHOR is available in Pirate Black, Captain White, Plain Pirate Black and Plain Captain White

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