Timber - the companion of the craftsman. Soft and durable with a lifespan that keeps on living and gifts that keep on giving, sequestering carbon and returning to the earth at the end of life. It can be resurfaced, reused, meticulously maintained, left to age and change and everything in between.

    For routine maintenance of timber products: The ripened seed of the flax plant in the form of linseed oil has been synonymous with timber throughout history. We often look to the past for natural, less harmful options when maintenance is required & linseed oil is still a diamond in the rough. It does not sit on the surface like synthetic varnishes but penetrates into the timber. It will leave a shiny but not gloss surface and will be penetrable to water.

    If a more durable synthetic sealer is preferred, the matte offerings in the Cabots range are readily available from most hardware stores in Australia and always a winner in our eyes.

    If kept well, no additional treatments are necessary. Consult a professional to have your piece stripped (removing the existing finish) and re-lacquered or stained.

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Timber Furniture Care Guide
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