Powder-coating is a durable surface that should require minimal maintenance. Use a soft dry cloth to clean powder coated surfaces.

    Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or detergents as this may damage the surface or cause chipping.

    Pre-drilling and hand install with a screw driver is recommended for powder coated products where screw fixings are required. This is to avoid chipping and damaging the power coated layer during install.

    If the product is dropped or damaged over time and a chip does occur, Penetrol can be used as a surface treatment to treat exposed iron bases and avoid further damage.

    In harsh or salty environments power-coated items may eventually erode. Routine wiping and maintenance is advised to stop acid or salty build ups on the surface of your product if it is to be used in a harsh environment.

    As an added precaution for those needing extra protection, many of our products are constructed using sturdy and durable alloys such as stainless steel, brass or aluminium as the base material. If you are a sailor perusing our website from the high seas, gusts of strong salty air in toe, we would point you towards these more sea worthy options or our solid brass ranges! You can check the base material of any product in the product description.

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Powder coat Care Guide
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