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  • Marble & Stone

    Marble is a beautiful, long-lasting natural material that ages gracefully. As with most natural materials, marble will NOT remain immaculate forever & will patina and gain character. We embrace this characteristic which is inherent to this stunning natural stone.

    Our marble & stone sinks are honed for a smooth-to-touch matte finish. Honed marble & stone is susceptible to water stains and marks, so if you are after an impermeable perfect finish, marble may not be the material for you.

    To minimise staining and marking, do not leave water pooling for long periods of time, avoid lemon, alcohol and any acid or chemical liquids from direct contact. Use a damp soft cloth for cleaning & avoid abrasive pads & cleaning agents.

    Our Jaisalmer stone sinks are an Indian sandstone which wears and ages well with proper care. We suggest cleaning the rough outside with water and a soft bristled brush, and using a light non-abrasive soap for the inside.

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