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Styling With Hardware: How To Use A Clip

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Styling With Hardware: How To Use A Clip

A little clip can bring functional perks with utilitarian good looks. Straight from the Henry Mercer collection are these ones! Here are some ways I like to use clips.


1.Trouvé Clip – Our Trouvé Clip slips onto a picture rail perfectly. If you’ve left the era of picture rails don’t fret, it hooks onto any of our Merchant Nails or Tinker Nails. Use it at home to hold artwork or suspend lighting or in your shop to hold up signage, props such as flags, vintage coat hangers, textiles & more.

2.Ephemera Clip – The Ephemera Clip is the perfect size for displaying a number of items. For a restaurant setting drill a few to the wall & clip to display your menus & signage. Don’t want your menus attached to the wall but can’t go without our Ephemera Clip? Add texture and style to your menu by using a leather backing & print on artist’s paper – then use the Ephemera Clip to join the two. There are no excuses for having a boring looking menu anymore!

3. Smiths Or Notions Clip – Both of these are great for home, work or play! Use these at home in your bedroom to hang your favourite scarfs, jewellery & textiles. Or keep a few handy in the kitchen to clip together recipes torn from magazines.

Filed 2nd Dec, 2016
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