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Styling With Hardware: Ceiling Hooks & Chain

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Styling With Hardware: Ceiling Hooks & Chain

There are so many ways to do lighting. But one of my favourites is to pair a pendant or lantern with a ceiling hook and a good length of chain.

I’m always on the look out for lovely looking ceiling hooks and as they can sometimes be hard to come by, I extended my hardware range to include the Atelier Ceiling Hook. Of a nice weight & size in blackened steel, they are a wonderful companion to suspend pendants & lanterns from the ceiling. Try using the ceiling hook as a compliment to your existing ceiling rose by attaching it a little distance from the rose, and draping the light chain or cord over the hook.

The Keepsake Chain & Petrel Chain are both great options to work with the Atelier Ceiling Hook. With a little more consideration & character than your average light chain, these 1 metre lengths are hand-tinkered in blackened steel and include a hook for whatever you desire to hang.

Of course, ceiling hooks & chain need not be just limited to lighting – add a curtain of greenery by suspending pot plants from a verandah beam, display sculptures and children’s mobiles in bedrooms or hang a handy bucket in the bathroom for toiletries. These are hardware pieces meant to be seen and celebrated throughout the home!

Filed 19th Mar, 2018
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