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Styling with Hardware: Cage Lights

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Styling with Hardware: Cage Lights

Lighting is such an important element in any interior and not something to be left as an after thought. Much like with any detailing in a space I design, I pay careful attention to light fixtures and have a particular love for cage lights, as they are a simple & easy piece to affix.

I was inspired by old work lights when designing the Stokers Cage Light and the Foundry Cage Light. They are crafted from strong and honest metal wire and are sure to add another element to your lighting display either inside or outside.

Rather than a bedside table & lamp, free up space next to the bed by pairing a cage light with a wall light cord that casually hangs from a hook or decorative nail.

Cage lights work just as well with ceiling fixtures, protecting decorative exposed globes and throwing some fun shadow play across the room.

Add a bit of industrial lighting flair to your workspace or reading nook even if you don’t have a wall hook handy – a G-Clamp attached to a bookshelf or shelf ledge to keep the light in place should do the trick.

Shop theĀ Stokers Cage Light and Foundry Cage Light.

Filed 15th Nov, 2017
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