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IMAGINARIUM: A Compendium of Inspiration

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IMAGINARIUM: A Compendium of Inspiration

Pub Date: July 2018

IMAGINARIUM is a magical place, revealed in an oversized picture book of objects, travel, colour & interiors. It is an immersive visual journey, through my 25 years in the world of styling & interiors, that invites you to use it for your own creativity, to keep as a beautiful object on your coffee table, beckoning you to turn a page each day. Please feel free to lose yourself among its pages, allowing it to spark your imagination for faraway lands & special places.

This book is a combination of my past & present, a blend of the many photographs I have taken on my travels anchored with the interiors & objects I have created & designed, as captured by some of my favourite photographers. The pagination of IMAGINARIUM reveals the palettes I love to work with, presented in an entrancing colour rhythm, a place where storytelling requires no words.

A glorious large-format book of images that reflects what inspires and motivates interior stylist, product designer, historian and globetrotter among other things, Sibella Court. Immersing you in a world of travel, nature, interiors, art, oddities and curiosities, IMAGINARIUM will open your eyes to the world around you and fuel your imagination for your own creativity, design and adventures. Themed by colour and featuring more than 300 beautifully shot and curated photographs, this is the ultimate coffee-table picture book for lovers of design and interior styling, and anyone looking for fresh ideas or inspiring daydreams.

IMAGINARIUM is available on our online store.

Filed 1st Mar, 2018

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