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Vogue Living Turns 50

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Vogue Living Turns 50

2017 marks 50 years of Vogue Living! To celebrate this milestone, the 50th anniversary issue featured 50 of Australia’s creatives and I was very honoured to have been included.

Vogue Living Turns 50

When I was getting closer to finishing my history degree at Sydney Uni & wondering, as most students do, “what am I going to do?” I had a call from my bestie, Edwina McCann, about coming into the fashion office at Vogue to help out whilst everyone went on shoots in glamorous locations. At the then Greenwich location, I realised that the world of fashion was not for me & could be found loitering around the Vogue Living & Vogue Entertaining parts of the open plan office. I had found my calling. Twenty five years later, my love of interiors and all they encompass has not waned and I can still be found loitering around the offices of magazines and flicking through the latest issue of VL.

Happy Birthday Vogue Living!

The 50th edition is on stands now, or sign up online.

Photography by the legend Hugh Stewart.

Filed 7th Jun, 2017
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