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Special Edition Smith-made Range with Colo Forge

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Special Edition Smith-made Range with Colo Forge

For over 10 years I have woven my blacksmith Saul of Colo Forge’s skill set into every interior design project. Over this period of time we have grown a finely in tune sensibility for each other’s favourite material and the mechanics of the other’s mind. It seemed like a natural progression then to collaborate together on a hardware range which celebrates our love of metalsmithing and the fabrication of beautiful things.

This special edition range celebrates our love for the characteristics of metal and the magic that happens when humble raw materials are shaped and beaten into something new. The range is designed in a way that strips the creation process down to its most humble of blacksmithing tools and methods, with the concept in mind that makers in India with traditional training can lend their hand. As with other hardware in The Society inc range it is a hark back to the true form of forging and smithing, showcasing the hand of the maker.

Honouring materials of zinc, brass & blackened steel, the product continues the storytelling element intrinsic to The Society inc with a layering of Saul’s metallurgic imagination. Whether it be the Lure Drawer Pull with its recycled zinc sinker reminiscent of a fisherman’s tackle-box or the Sextant Concave Bracket referencing charting and seafaring adventures, these pieces encourage the embellishment of spaces and celebration of old trades.

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Filed 15th Oct, 2018
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