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Small Details To Add Style To Your Bathroom

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Small Details To Add Style To Your Bathroom

There are a couple of added extras that bring a bit of flair to this hardworking space.

The bathroom can easily become a room in your home that exists without a thought about its look. I find that adding a couple of extras helps to invite a little more luxury to this space.

I collect these on my globetrotting & beachcombing adventures and am very particular about shape, feel & colour. Smooth, grey and egg-shaped are my favourite; add a white line and I’m over the moon. It’s rare for me not to have a stone handy as a paperweight, trivet, doorstop or a styling tool. They line my stairs and my bathtub & sink and hold memories of holidays, people & watery adventures.

Shaving mirrors
These look great alone or en masse. I pick them up all over the world. They fold flat, come on a stand and are mostly round, oval or shield shaped. The original idea was as a travelling mirror to hang or stand alone on a dresser or convenient surface, such as a sand dune, side of a mountain, campaign table, train bunker, back of the door or tree branch, depending on your destination.

Shells and water are a natural fit in nature, which is why they make perfect bedfellows in the bathroom. When you’re looking for something with character and perhaps some memories attached, too, look no further than a shell you’ve discovered on a holiday.

Soaps are an obvious choice for a bathroom, but I am very particular about varieties in mine. My own range of soaps are inspired by journeys afar and bring the fragrances of adventure into a bathroom. And if you love soap, it makes sense to think about how it’s displayed. The Monger soap dish acts like a pedestal and also brings some time-worn charm to the bathroom. You can find my range of soaps and other bathroom essentials here.

Loofahs, sponges & pumice
I can’t resist the different shapes & textures of natural sponges, hand-knitted loofahs and pumice: tear-shaped, jet black or the common grey, imperfectly round but manmade in shape. I have come across so many on seaside holidays, and in places where hammams & bathhouses are part of the weekly ritual. Make your selection of pumice both decorative and useful. Let your family and guests scrub away life’s wear & tear, and display the different colours and origins of stacked pumice on a handy bathroom shelf or in vessels of different shapes & sizes.

Filed 24th Feb, 2017
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