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Rigg Design Prize | Please Listen!

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Rigg Design Prize | Please Listen!

There is something about a soundscape that enhances any environment. I’m a big believer in encompassing multiple senses when it comes to creating a space and from the beginning of the my design process for the Rigg Design Prize, I planned to use sound as another way to capture the visitors’ imaginations.

When you visit the Rigg Design Prize exhibition at NGV Australia, please listen by using the Sennheiser headphone sets and you will be further transported into the lives of those who live there…

I created a brief for sound designer Benjamin Walbrook, one that would reflect the sounds of the lifestyle & activities of the imagined family who inhabit IMAGINARIUM. The backbone for this brief drew on my own memories of travel & experiences to instil nostalgia & atmosphere much in the same way these elements influence my interior projects and personal domestics environments.

Benjamin began by creating a narrative in three chapters to inform the physical space. The first scene reflects the domestic life of sitting around the fire with daily activities murmuring in the background. The second transports you to a foreign land & urban market setting which speaks to the curiosities scattered around the home & nomadic spirit of the family. The third chapter is more dreamlike, featuring sounds of the natural environment, reflecting the base materials of the home.

You might catch the crackle of the fireside, the running footsteps of a child, tinkering on the piano, a 20s jazz record playing on a stormy night, the tap tap tapping of someone working in the Alchemy Station to create pigments, the chink of glasses and ice as drinks are mixed, the sounds of a foreign market place, chiming tram bells, the clip clop of a horse & cart, the crash of waves & seaside birds one hears when beachcombing, distant thunder, the buzz of dragonflys and hum of cicadas while walking through the Australian bush.

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Sound Designer | Benjamin Walbrook

Visit Rigg Design Prize at NGV Australia | Free entry, showing 10am-5pm daily 12th Oct 2018 – 24th February 2019

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