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Rigg | Bring Home the Look 6

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Rigg | Bring Home the Look 6

Featuring on one of the corners of my space for the Rigg Design Prize is the Alchemy Station, a beautiful structure forged from steel & zinc by Colo Forge with a variety of glass panels and wire grills. This is where the magic happens; colours and pigments are concocted, materials are transformed and objects begin to take shape. It is the zone in the Imaginarium that encapsulates ‘work’, but in the best possible way which is most enjoyable and ultimately feeds into the lifestyle & interests of the imaginary family that inhabits the space. See below for the suppliers & contributors who brought this zone to life.

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Colo Forge | The Alchemy Station structure featuring curved zinc panelling, steel frame and brass mechanisms

Noelle Rigaudie | Cardboard columns & crows nest

Raffles Textiles | Curtain in La Rochelle linen (Pewter)

Tigger Hall | Curtain in Nine Muses Greek Plate, Charcoal 2

Stuart Pinkerton | Sculptors table

Sennheiser | Momentum 2.0 headphones (read more about the Soundscape here)

Seasonal Concepts | Assorted vintage props & pigments

The Classic Family | PVC down pipe

Teranova Tiles | Carrara tiles designed by Sibella Court

Fossil Vintage | Vintage table 

Duckfat | Light cord set

Carpenters Daughter | Carpenter Apron

The Society inc | Shield Mirror, Petrel Chain and Mercer Bag


Other zones:

The Bar

The Frippery

The Bed

The Curiosity Wall


Filed 22nd Feb, 2019
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