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Old Over New

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Old Over New

Recently I began sharing some of my favourite spots & shops to source vintage & pre-loved objects in an effort to prevent these wonderful treasure troves from closing down. It’s no secret that I have a penchant for lovely old things and it would be a shame to loose such wonderful resources and outlets that are rich with furniture, light fittings, hardware, curiosities and all sorts of objects sourced far and wide that hold histories & stories of their origins and previous owners.

There are several reasons to love old over new and one that is top of the list is to keep objects out of landfill; reusing & recycling can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing, exercise the imagination and reimagine items in another context. I find that elements which might not normally belong in a particular environment add an element of playfulness and a fun surprise for whoever may step into the space.

There’s also an emotiveness which comes with vintage wares and pre-loved objects, a sense of something that remains unseen but felt as soon as you walk into the room. It may be the romantic in me, but I love to consider the character who possessed an item before me – the worn surface of a desk could have been from a jeweller, the patina of a metal handle which has passed through many workmen’s hands or a smooth dough bowl that once held bread in the making.

I try to source a mix of found objects for all my interiors projects and for my shop space at The Society inc. Step into the warehouse and you may find furniture pieces that have been restored and ready to be placed in a living room or bedroom, wooden footed boards ideal for pot plant stands or cheeseboards, old apothecary & wine jars waiting to be filled with florals & foliage, vintage leather gyms mats begging to be turned into a bed head board, sake sacks turned bolster cushions… the list goes on!

Filed 18th Sep, 2018
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