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I called one of my paint ranges ‘Tender is the Night’. The colours in the theme are based on all those old fashioned flowers one might have found in the rambling cliff gardens above the French Mediterranean in the Divers’ Garden (they were the couple from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book). Nasturtium, geranium & rosa rugosa with the noisy background of Summer cicadas. I have persevered with nasturtiums outside the The Society inc. since the opening & this Spring they have finally taken & are a joy. People forget to bring them inside, but I love to cut them & trail them up the side of frames or walls. They are hardy & continue to grow once cut.

I was staying at my friend, Sally’s house and she has a garden full of wild ones that I decorated her house with as a welcome home. Her artist sister, Cressida, woodblocks them, beautiful in all their ramble. Check out her amazing, lovely thick book called ‘The Woodblock Painting of Cressida Campbell.’

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