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Material Palette | Using zinc in your bathroom

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Material Palette | Using zinc in your bathroom

Zinc is a lustrous metal which (depending on where you catch it in its aging process) may range between a soft blue grey to an aged dark oyster. On many of the products I design I give the aging process a kick start to ensure the colour moves in the right direction. Zinc looks beautiful in light & bright spaces as well as moody interiors. Adding it into a bathroom space with smooth steel tapware fixtures or white subway tiles can add just the right amount of rawness & texture.

Zinc speaks to the past & connotes nostalgia of the humble paint bucket & French utility storage vessels. It's sometimes overlooked but can gather such a beautiful array of grey textures & patterns which add richness & depth to almost any space. Use it en masse on shelves or behind overhead vanity glass to hold your utility items like loofahs, hand towels, stones collected on the beach, wooden scrubbing brushes & soap or use a single piece as a statement like our Tick Tock toilet roll holder & pair it with the other existing metal finishes in the room.

Even subtle notes of zinc can make an important impact, such as a rolled edge around a bevelled mirror like as our Porthole mirror or the handle of a bucket. They add elements of layering & the feeling that the space has several dimensions. I always encourage a nod to the past when building an interior. This may be through materials or elsewhere, these elements speak to the subconscious & make us feel comfortable in a space.

Filed 30th Oct, 2017
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