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Material Palette | Using Iron in Your Home

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Material Palette | Using Iron in Your Home

Raw Iron is the primary ingredient in the making of steel products. It has a rich history, being one of the oldest & most common metals on Earth. Its humble characteristics & accessible qualities are in many ways what makes it feel comforting & tactile in a space.


Iron is metamorphic & means many things to many different people & geographies. Its changing status in time has defined eras and provided a marker for significant points in our industrial revolution & many recognisable Design movements. Some of the incredibly interesting fruition's of Iron's timeline include the industrial revolution, Design innovations which boomed as a catalyst to the world wars & some of the more contemporary innovations in steel recycling.

Iron has the ability to be worked to convey a specific feeling, mood or sense of nostalgia in a space. It can be used en masse & exposed to pay homage to the industrial era or be cast & feel more refined to bring warmth and a sense of sophistication to an environment. Mixing Iron into a space plays a big role in adding depth & a feeling of instant connection to a room.  Layer a kitchen or bathroom rack such as our Chandler Rack on top of a glossy surface such as a subway tile or an enamel sink to make the story feel more relaxed or use finer pieces en masse such as our Telltale bracket, paired with a rustic timber shelf for a voyage into mixed materials.

Filed 27th Nov, 2017
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