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Material Palette | Using Cane as an Accent

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Material Palette | Using Cane as an Accent

Entering The Society inc warehouse through our big barn doors invites you to explore an array of objects & tools which foster & support craftsmanship & lost trades. The skills of cane weavers, blacksmiths, leather workers, shipwrights & sign writers are celebrated in a modern context. Inhabiting spaces which incorporate materials from natural environments or carry the stories of their makers has a soothing effect & helps us feel grounded to the natural environment or the local or far-reaching communities of others which may or may not be vastly different from our own.

We explore using cane as a detail & the ways in which The Society inc hardware range can bring warmth & tactility to your interiors.

Cane is a lovely material to use as a detail as it works beautifully with raw & undone materials but can also sit amongst a more polished palette with ease. Cane & steel pair together so elegantly, with the natural browns, blondes & caramels offsetting the irregularities & movement of greys, blacks & charcoals in hand forged steel. When woven with skill, cane can be very durable & an effective material for handles & wrapping of everyday objects like our Anchorage or Shanty bottle openers. Give your barcart a refresh by adding cane as a detail, if left on a patio or entertaining area it will begin to patina to a lovely rich brown with exposure to the sun.

Hanging our Alchemy Hooks on the wall in a line beneath a shelf in a mudroom or updating your wardrobe or kitchen hardware with our Trader pulls is an easy way to bring the warmth of a natural material into your interior. The Society inc hardware range is created in India utilising the skill & craftsmanship of makers who have passed down their knowledge to the future generations. We support the importance & romance of craftsmanship & making things with your hands which has been engrained within the Indian culture for centuries. Choosing to use hand forged items in your environments expresses the importance of why we make things & why it matters.



Filed 14th Feb, 2018
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