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Christmas at The Society inc

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Christmas at The Society inc

This year’s Christmas theme at The Society inc takes us on a seafaring exploration, chasing the epic migration of the Wanderer butterfly. First spotted in Australia in 1871, the Wanderer is instantly recognisable with its vibrant orange & black wings. I’ve taken to the rarer Lesser Wanderer, which you will spot covering the branches of our Christmas tree in store.

I always imagine the crazy natural phenomenons you would bear witness to whilst travelling such long distances in the 1850’s. Long weeks of breathless days but nature revealing its mysteries and creatures; flying fish, sea turtles, bioluminescent jellyfish, sirens and then the migration of thousands and thousands of butterflies!! And how the scents of land would be carried on the winds that sweep over the high seas. I can picture the adventures now, decked out in great outfits & topped off with a rosette-clad bicorn!

Come join our seafaring adventures! In the weeks leading up to Christmas we will be opening on Saturdays 10am – 4pm, plus we have a Jumble Sale & Paper Rosette Making workshop on Saturday 24th November.

To begin the festive season, we created an oversized advent calendar with gum branches, seafaring bunting, Society Numbers and some stocking stuffers & gift ideas. Why not recreate something similar in your home? For more inspiration, sign up to our newsletter in the fields below as we will be sharing some of our favourites in a series of Gift Guides.

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Filed 6th Nov, 2018
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