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Changing Up Your Drawers & Cupboards

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Changing Up Your Drawers & Cupboards

You don’t need to completely renovate or buy new furniture to change the look of a space, sometimes it is simply a matter of working with what you already have but editing, revamping & styling in new ways. Don’t underestimate the ability of the smallest details to shift the feel, ambience and story of an environment. What may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of a room can often trigger a thought, a sense, a memory; I always carry this concept with me when it comes to working on an interiors project.

An easy & accessible way to restyle furniture is to swap out hardware like drawer pulls and knobs. With a simple switch, the whole tone of the piece can be changed! Here are some suggestions on how to change the character of a set of drawers, cupboard, wardrobe or kitchen cabinetry with pulls and knobs from The Society inc range.

LABEL & ORGANISE | What better way to gauge at a glance what a set of drawers may contain? Ideal for a studio or office, the Major Drawer Pulls in Brass or Black are a great way to set up a labelling system and prevent hidden things from getting lost & forgotten about.

WARMTH & TEXTURE | Play with layering by adding a hint of natural textures. Visually stunning and lovely to feel underhand, fibres like cane lend themselves wonderfully to be woven and wrapped around various shapes like the Lake Pull, Fleet Pull and Currier Pull. Introducing a dash of the natural world can add warmth to pieces that may otherwise feel a bit flat & dull.

PATINA | Brass works wonderfully on all kinds of textures and a wide range of colours – natural timbers, coloured laminates & matt finish paints can all be lifted & revitalised with the addition of brass. The best thing about brass is that it gets better with age, creating a time-worn character to new cabinetry or giving a lift to older pieces. Try working with the Mariners Cleat Pull, Galley Pull Brass and Chagrin Pull, each in an aged finish to give them a head start in the patina process.

LIGHT & AIRY | Brass and ceramic seems a match made in heaven, which is why I introduced the Trouvé Ceramic Brass Pull. This delicate pairing is a simple way to elevate drawers or bathroom cabinetry and can be complimented by the Limpet Drawer Knob for smaller drawers & cupboards or the Jetsam Rack and London Drawer Pull for larger uses.

LUXE | Humble forms become just that extra bit special with mixed materials like brass & zinc. The Lure Drawer Pull and Lure Drawer Knob are the ones you’d want to reserve for top drawers & cupboards, used sparingly but in the right places that are meant to be seen and on show!

HEAVY DUTY | Sometimes bottom drawers for pots & pans are forgotten about. But just because they are practical doesn’t mean they can’t look nice too! The Flotilla Rack being forged in steadfast blackened steel lends itself to larger, longer & heavy duty drawers. Compliment the Flotilla by introducing the large Telltale Drawer Pull with its decorative knot. The Weaver Handle too can add a bit of weight to hefty cabinets, yet still being a considered solution with its woven cane detailing.

Filed 10th Apr, 2019
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