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Capturing Your Travels: My Photography Tips

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Capturing Your Travels: My Photography Tips


You can’t be expected to store all your travel experiences in your head – you’ll need a few photos to jog your memory. But you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take a great pic. With a little confidence and some patience, you can get a fantastic picture.

It’s all about composition.

  • Consider what’s in your frame – adopt a stylist’s eye for crop and angle.
  • Work out what should and shouldn’t be in the pic. Check, for example, where a wall or stair ends, or that you’re getting in the top of an object.
  • To avoid distortion, it can sometimes be a good idea to stand back and zoom in; likewise, you need to be careful not to stand at an odd angle, otherwise things can look as if they’re tilting.
  • Take your time – a snapshot doesn’t have to be ‘snap’, but it can still look spontaneous. The beauty of digital is you can check everything and go back to correct, right then and there.
  • It’s important to go back and edit; be ruthless and do it as you go along, before you download your pics. It makes for a stronger ‘story’ at the end, which often gets neglected upon your return.
  • Don’t store your photos away – I get mine printed as soon as I get back. It keeps the globetrotting inspirations alive, as well as let me physically move the pics around, put them in a different order, and play with colour and content. You’ll find this plays a large part in coming up with a trip-based 10-colour palette, even if one wasn’t obvious while you were gallivanting around.
  • I often think of pictures in pagination, i.e. how the pages turn and a story runs in a magazine. I like to make a strong picture story of it, which can then be put into an album if I feel like it.

By doing these things, inspiration and excitement from you trip should be at the forefront of your mind and you are ready to experiment with your own interior.

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