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An Ode to Cupboards

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An Ode to Cupboards

I’m as much about the vessel as its contents; an empty beautiful cupboard speaks of potential & sparks imagination, I can’t help but ponder what collections & objects it could contain.

Whether for my own home or interior projects, storage is always a considered element. But owe it to the overflow of my love of cabinets of curiosity (the original domestic museum for show & tell) or the simple desire to have lovely things constantly on view, I tend to shy away from having objects hidden behind closed doors all the time. What’s the point of possessing beautiful & meaningful things if you can’t show them off?

I love the appeal of a casually flung-open cupboard & open shelving, especially when there’s a colour pattern or material uniformity to give it a considered look. When traveling in India and sourcing the assortment of cupboards & cabinets to have in The Society inc, it wasn’t hard to imagine them filled with a collection of curiosities, piled high with napery & linens or a lovely jumble of kitchen crockery & utensils. With the concept of vitrines & other purpose built display cabinets in mind I tried to choose pieces with a mix of sliding & swing doors, glass & timber, to give one options when it comes to styling!

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Filed 13th Sep, 2018
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