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An Ode to Console Tables

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An Ode to Console Tables

As one who loves to have collections on display I like to explore different ways of showcasing treasures and favourite objects, not being limited to a cupboard (although I do thoroughly love cabinets of curiosities) or having them hidden away in boxes.

In wanting to encourage interaction & conversation with collections that are not static but ever-changing, I often find the humble console table a useful piece to create unexpected features in entrance areas, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms – just about anywhere in a home where you may wish to create a display.

I have a fold-up console table that has accompanied me on many a photoshoot. It becomes the foundation for pieces to be scattered, piled, stacked, jumbled, unfurled & sprinkled, reminiscent of a French fleamarket and with an invitation to touch & feel.

Consoles can also be used to break up a space, working as a dividing mechanism that can still be viewed from both sides. Smart furniture arrangement can create nooks to sit, read, write, work & dine in, allowing for all kinds of moments to be enjoyed in spaces both small and large. Should the time call for it, the console can be folded up & packed away, ready for the next opportunity.

On my last trip to India I sourced these lovely Blue Console Tables with collapsible legs & patinas that speak of their previous life – a great piece to become a hallway display, a workbench or a casual dining set up.

Filed 4th Apr, 2019
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