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A combination of two of my favourite things: hardware & haberdashery. My definition of these might differ from most- often utilitarian but always beautiful. It evokes the memory of an old mixed business store, its shelves & labeled drawers (under the counter as well) filled with handmade, global treasures, honest&humble, local, green, fairtrade, unusual & just-arrived! A magical, make-believe space that transports you to a time-forgotten of merchants & traders (though they still exist in other parts of the world): Apothecary, Tinctures & Alchemy, Drapers & Mills, Smiths, Tinkers, Peddlers & Keepers, Cutlers, Sailmakers, Chandlery & Wrights. The Society inc. reflects my globetrotting adventures, beachcombing, bowerbird nature & gypsy curiosity in inspiration, collecting & treasure hunting.

We are hidden in the back streets of Paddington, a new look & revival of a traditional corner store that once-upon-a-time serviced 40 houses in the local area (however we are very global & online).

The store, with its Belgium hardware shop fittings from the late 1800s and custom-made floor to ceiling shelves with Putnam rolling ladders, is the ultimate backdrop for goods & chattels, with the likes of leather braided whips, canvas satchels, whittled handled tools, hand forged nails, toolbags & tackleboxes, moulded wire, espadrilles & Wellingtons, simple glassware shapes, letterpress, seeds & gardening paraphernalia, knots & pulleys, bristle brushes, flotsam+jetsam, stencils, enamel jugs, brass drawer pulls (my own designs), MoP buttons, sailcloth buckets, original recipe cleaning products, linen by-the-yard, vintage ribbons, dressmakers pins & scissors, rope & shackles, ideas & inspiration a-plenty tossed in with oddities & curiosities.

SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO | 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
02 9516 5643
Monday - Friday 10am-4pm or by appointment