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Alastair Hendy

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Alastair Hendy

I have watched Alastair Hendy’s career evolve alongside my own, his courage to pick up a camera and take the pics as well as style was much admired back in the day.

His book, Food & Travels Asia, inspired me to no end & was in the back of my mind when concepting my own book, Nomad. Alastair’s props are always to-die-for and now you too can have a little piece of AH’s beautiful world.

His shop, Home Store Hastings is open (see pics!) in Hastings, East Sussex, full of loveliness, I want to buy whole rooms including the kitchen sink.  It is very much up my alley, based on an old-fashioned family run department store where you can stop for a fresh simple plate of fish if you so desire. Did I mention he is a chef too? The shop & kitchen is in a three story Georgian townhouse built in 1823, originally a soda bottling shop. He has a love of the beautiful, functional & utilitarian, I just cannot wait to visit. Congratulations Alastair, another job very well done.

SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO | 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
02 9516 5643
Monday - Friday 10am-4pm or by appointment