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A Visit to Colo Forge

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A Visit to Colo Forge

I visited Colo Forge last weekend, where master blacksmith Saul works his magic and where together we dreamt up the new styles that are now available as part of the Special Edition Smith-made Range. Here are the pieces that make up the range, each with a back story of their own…

The Lure pieces | As the name suggests, the Lure Drawer Pull, Drawer Knob & S Hook were inspired by a fisherman’s sinker, the kind you may find tucked away in a tackle box. The recycled zinc is poured into a large circular mould, resulting its humble shape not too perfect in form but just the right feel under hand.

Colo Knife Rack | I have always preferred to view my knives horizontally rather than vertically. When it came time to renovating my kitchen, I called up Saul to design a knife holder that would best show off the lovely knife handles and the Colo Knife Rack was the result! The perfect pairing of brass & blackened steel, the rack is more than just a functional object and becomes a decorative piece in its own right.

Sextant Bracket | The sextant is a hark back to seafaring adventurers navigating the high seas as they voyage to exotic lands. The Sextant Bracket would find itself comfortable in the captain’s quarters, tucked in with other traditional tools & charting instruments.

Larder Hook | A nod to large estates and their larders where one might find bundles of herbs and plants hanging up to dry out or pheasants from the latest hunting trip waiting to be plucked by the kitchen maid. You don’t need an estate to make use of this hook, with its hinge you could either attach it to the wall as a feature wall hook or from the ceiling for lighting chain.

Collar Rack | Walking around NYC, I would admire the level of detailing seen on cast iron columns. What would have been a simple, straight construction is embellished with collars and decorative rims. The Collar Rack brings these traditional forging shapes into a modern context with its beautifully finished collars and loop details, elevating the rack from great to extra special!

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Filed 26th Oct, 2018
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