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Captain’s Cabin at the 1880s Colo Church

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Captain’s Cabin at the 1880s Colo Church

With so many exciting products launching in July of this year, it was necessary to dream up a shoot to showcase the lovely new things coming to The Society inc Range plus some old favourites. The stars so aligned that my photographer friend Mikkel Vang was in town and we teamed up to do a shoot and create a Captain’s Cabin.

We drove 90mins outside of Sydney to a converted 1880s church by Colo River, now a family weekender owned by Tessa Faucheur. At the bottom of the garden lies a little shack which set the scene for an imagined seafarer’s cabin, where a captain may rest his head in between his expeditions.

Upon returning home from a voyage, the Captain lights a fire for the little stove in preparation for a toasted dinner of quail and rosemary potatoes. From there he begins to unpack his bags, placing treasures and collected specimens from the journey in a display on the table top. After a quick freshen-up by the sink he sits down to toast his meal by the stove. Before long his neighbour arrives for a post-dinner whiskey and a game or two of backgammon under the soft glow of a lantern and cage lights reminiscent of a ship’s lantern.

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Filed 20th Mar, 2019
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