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Colour Hunting | Montmarte

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Colour Hunting | Montmarte

This wintery time of year has me thinking of a dusky red, the kind you often find on the last of the autumn leaves or earth-toned tiles. In pondering this warm and ruddy shade I am reminded of Montmarte, one of the colours that makes up my palette Atelier.

Montmarte and the other Atelier colours were inspired by artists studios and particularly Julien Tanguy who ran an art supplies shop/art gallery in Paris in the late 1800s. It too was inspired by the colours and sights I spotted on a trip that took me through Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam - dulled gold painted shrines, terracotta pots, the ochres of the monks' clothing, garlands of marigolds and the most beautiful pinky red lotus petals which Montmarte takes its hue from.

Working with Montmarte is sure to add warmth to any space, particularly when paired with complimentary oranges and dulled yellows. It reminds me of the woodblock Rajasthani tent we camped in at the Manvar Desert Camp, blending in with the earthy colourscape of the environment.

But that's not to say you can't use Montmarte with cooler colours. Experiment pairing it with woodland greens, teals and purples for a rich and dynamic palette.

Filed 20th Jun, 2018
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