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Colour Hunting | Bonesetter

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Colour Hunting | Bonesetter

When it comes to designing interiors, I have a library of paint colours ready to draw on and work with to map out a palette or visual story that helps shape and embellish the overarching character of a space. Colour becomes in some ways a cornerstone to the design process, a thread that continues from the concepting stage through to top layering details.

With colour being so foundational, I’m constantly on the hunt for new hues and shades that just might find themselves worked into the next project! In this Colour Hunting series, I’ll explore some of my already captured colours and how they have been used in various spaces.

Bonesetter comes from the Merchants & Traders paint range, a homage to the world of old trades, some real some imagined.  This shade takes on a light warm grey shade, reminiscent of a faded white-washed wooden box where the timber showing through lends a warmth on the not-so-white finish.

Bonesetter was the perfect neutral to form the base of the dado in Hotel Palisade. We painted Bonesetter dado to add warmth & character to the accommodation more than an all-white wall would, & still in keeping with the seascape inspired blue tones of the furnishings.

Filed 1st Nov, 2017
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