TSI x Kim Ficaro

Last year I reached out to some of my favourite creatives who share a likemindedness to The Society Inc, to borrow their eyes and explore their interpretation of my product range. These fellow aesthetes come from a range of backgrounds & pursuits, from photographers to interior stylists to product designers, and I invited them to put their own spin & story into the imagery.

Next up is Kim Ficaro, a dear friend who assisted me during my time in NYC and has become a clever stylist, author and product designer with her range Totem Home. She has a wonderful eye and I knew whatever I sent her she would work her magic on! See her take on The Society Inc product and Q&A below.

Where do you live? Profession?
I live In Los Angeles, as of 2 years ago. I am from New York, and always and forever have New York in my heart. I live on the west side of Los Angeles, close enough to the beach, and mountains, where I go on hikes as much as possible.  The house I live in I share with my friend Kumi Sawyers who is an incredible massage therapist and yoga teacher. We have a small little compound, with cacti, bougainvillea, agave, jasmine, all the mixes of beautiful trees.  We have transformed into a mini sanctuary that feels safe, and supportive, with space surrounding the house to spend time outdoor and in.

Favourite space, room, or place
My bedroom, cozy, and the light that comes in the morning is always warm and comforting, as I will spend mornings reading in bed as long as possible, or working on Totem, just retreating into my worlds.

Favourite season
Summer, always summer, the hotter the better, warm nights, surf and sunsets at the beach, road trips, long salty days.

Last book you read, or podcast, or audio book, or mag
Currently reading “Food of the Gods” by Terence Mckenna

Favourite scent in your house
An incense I have of rose and sandalwood, doors opening, scents filling outside and in.

Music you listen to at home
A mix, always different, but a lot of Ali Farke Touré, or when I want to shake, dance around we listen to what will move us.

What do you want for your birthday
For all my loved ones, my friends and I to dance until the sun comes up, and to be able to hold, touch and feel each other, without fear.

Favourite movie
I just watched “Fantastic Fungi” about the importance of mycelium. Always hard to pick a favourite film, these two always: Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and In the Mood for Love

See Kim’s product range at Totem Home

www.kimficaro.com | @kimficaro

FILED 08, May 2020

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  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
  • 0429 589 982