The Stylist's Suitcase: Miami

The objects within my suitcase often tell a story about the romance of the destination - but also the journey.

A souvenir can sometimes prevail in unlikely ways - A photograph taken haphazardly whilst exploring a market becomes the inspiration for an interior or new design. The book you were reading on the plane, in-between glimpses of your next destination from the window seat will forever remind you of the Mediterranean Sea.

Read on for a glimpse into my suitcase during my recent trip to Miami during the Art Miami Fair.

There is beauty in bringing the romance of a destination home & reminiscing on the little things which made your journey special. A conversation with a stranger, the smell of spices left on your scarf as you unpack your suitcase. These things can create great motifs for styling, interiors or simply planning your next adventure. These are the little things which make an adventure unique & special; the things we remember. I picked up a gorgeous artwork by Taboo from my visit to NADA & each time I pass by it in the hallway I am reminded of the enthusiastic gallery owners & easy vibe at the accessible & contemporary art fair. 

In my suitcase to Miami you would find:

JoLoves, Pomelo a fragrance. This smell speaks of white sandy beaches, fresh linen & sparkling water. It is what I wanted to surround myself in while experiencing Miami, in all of it's art deco glory. 

A Panama Hat, a must for gracing the bright beaches & vibrant hotels.

Artwork - I souvenired a piece by Taboo, from My Visit to NADA.

Florals & colour, my camera returned home scattered with brightly coloured photos. Beach umbrellas, lounges, florals & palm trees. 

A Monkey’s Fist Keychain, to hold trinkets picked up whilst visiting my favourite boutiques & makers. 

The Pippi Beach towel, for afternoons by the pool at The Raleigh, revelling in the glory of terrazzo floors, striped awnings & a classic P&O poolhouse. 

The Society Inc Newspaper Edition 2, to read on the plane & share with fellow like minded acquaintances! 

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FILED 26, Jan 2017

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  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
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